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Does a month or two really make a difference?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 by cyberacoustics

A month or two does matter when it comes to predicting the release of the iPad 2. As we get closer to the inevitable release date, the iPad 2 rumor-mill is gaining more and more momentum. Everybody is spouting out new features based on friend-of-a-friend hearsay. But what should you really believe? We all know that Apple is guarded when it comes to new products, but leaks are always bound to happen. Nobody can keep a secret, now can they?

The next version of the iPad, if timing and supply line rumors are to be believed, may be right around the corner. Although unexpected delays may follow in the wake of Jobs' medical leave, the design has to be finalized, and the factories in China are preparing to pump out five or six million of these things over the next few months. I believe we are going to see a launch date around April 16th for the US market, but what do I know? 

Here are the rumors I believe may be turned to fact when we actually see the release of the iPad 2. The overall size will stay the same, give or take a few millimeters. I believe the thickness will be reduced and the edges will be more tapered and rounded to provide a better feel. 

Popular tech site, Engadget, says their source is near certain that there will be an SD card slot and case makers are on board with that assumption too. Personally, I'm on the fence with this particular rumor, as no other iOS device has an SD card slot and adding one to the iPad 2 would disrupt Apple's typical storage-based price tier. But hey, maybe Apple can learn some new tricks. 

I think it goes without saying that the iPad 2 will have a camera on the front and back of the device. Gotta get that Facetime. 

As with the display, rumor has it that the resolution will either be 2048x1536 or 1280x960. The higher resolution is the logical next step for the iPad 2, but at what cost? There's no content built to fit such a resolution. Battery life is also a concern with a hi-res, nearly 10" screen. A resolution of 1280x960 seems to be the logical choice, but when is Apple ever logical?

Lastly, forget about the secondary port for landscape viewing - it's not going to happen. Speaker improvement? I would stick to using your headphones. Or maybe a mini display port? Why, when you have wi-fi and Airplay? Of course, we won't know anything until Apple gives us all the info. 

New rumors will be swirling around the net right up until the day of the announcement. When will that be? Maybe right after MacWorld next week? I'll be there, like everyone else, waiting for all the answers. 

- Steve Murphy - CFO, Cyber Acoustics

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