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Cooking made simpler, thanks to Google

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 by cyberacoustics

Google unveiled a new search function last Thursday. Believe it or not, this category makes up 1% of the billions of searches Google fields every day. According to Jack Menzel, Google's Director of Product Management, the update was an "obvious candidate" for the new standalone search category.

Did you see it? It's right under "shopping." Now, we have the "recipes" category. 

Okay, so this announcement doesn't come with some dessert-themed upgrade, but Google gurantees that you'll be able to find recipies for cupcakes, gingerbread, and maybe even ice cream. 

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Using this service, users can fliter down by ideal ingredients, cooking time, and even calorie counts. Google's making it easier for recipe website developers to add markups to their webpages, so that content can eventually appear sorted on the new search pages. 

Each recipe includes a star rating by users who have tried the dish, as well as photos of the finished product. While this new feature does make finding the perfect meal easier, it unfortunately doesn't make cooking said meal any simpler. 

Will I throw away my microwave now that Google Recipes exists? I doubt it, as there is only one way to make popcorn in my house. However, this new option does give you a thousand different ways to make a pizza. 

Who could complain about that?

- Steve Murphy - CFO, Cyber Acoustics

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