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You won't find these on iTunes

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 by cyberacoustics

The Library of Congress has recently announced that they’ll be opening to the public over 3 million music and spoken-word recordings. Called the National Jukebox Project, old, out of circulation recordings will be available for anyone to listen to and enjoy. The Library of Congress and Sony Music collaborated on the project.

Included in the mix of recordings are many famous speeches, classical jazz, poetry readings, comedy, opera, and dance music. All recordings are from an archival period from 1901 to 1925, and each will include production information for listeners who want to know the history of what they’re listening to.

Better yet, the Library of Congress has embraced the social media norms, and is allowing tracks to be embedded into Facebook and other social sites.

If you have never been to The Library of Congress’ website before, prepare to get hooked. If you love history, then you better start up the coffee maker.

- Steve Murphy - CFO, Cyber Acoustics

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