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E3 2012 – Did I Miss Something?

Friday, June 8, 2012 by cyberacoustics

Now granted I don’t spend a lot time at E3, but I had high expectations to see what emerging mobile gaming options would be on display. I was deeply disappointed on the lack there of. How many friends do you know that are not walking around with a smartphone (otherwise known as super powered portable computer) in their pockets regularly? Basically, it’s a huge untapped market that the big boys appear to be treating as a door-to-door salesman knocking on your front door.

It would not be fair if I didn’t mention that Microsoft is starting to embrace this new market with its announcement of Smart Glass, an exciting tool that improves your Xbox compatibility, Microsoft’s ecosystem, and living room experience—it even works with iOS. SmartGlass, is really a collection of apps either added to or embedded in every platform, and turns your tablet or smartphone into a second screen for your Xbox, feeding you additional information, allowing you to use it as a remote control, or serving as a portable screen you can take with you. Check it out:


The truth be said, it appears that the mobile market appears to be no so mobile, but being kept in the closet for a later date. All you needed to do to prove this is walk the show floor and wonder if you were in the right place. EA, for instance, opted not to devote too much attention to mobile in its massive floor space or press conference. Others had their mobile options set aside in a corner as if to say, “yes we have a mobile options…but hey, look over here at this!” It was only the small companies making the push on mobile gaming.

Maybe the Nintendos, Microsofts and Sonys of the world, aren’t ready to take a big chunk out of their console sales right now. But as mobile becomes a larger part of the gaming world, the Electronic Entertainment Expos of the future are going to have to sit up and start taking notice.

-Steve Murphy, CA CFO

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