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What you didn't see at E3

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 by cyberacoustics

Well, maybe not exactly, but you had to look real close to see it. Here at CA, we've to put a few things together to try and realize where gaming might be headed in the future. By now, you all have heard that the cloud is going to me a major component on how we received our content in the future. Microsoft, Sony, and Apple are all focusing on storing user’s information in the cloud.

Think about this - the need for a kick ass system or the latest console is not necessary if you are connected to the cloud. All the hardcore processing is being done somewhere else, and the content is being streamed directly to you. All you need is a digital TV, which you most likely already have.

Now, think about what Nintendo is doing with their newly announced next generation console, Wii U. The system itself is a powerhouse, and its new touch screen controller breaks down the barrier between player and game even more so. Not only can you see what you are doing on the TV, but you also have a simulcast picture streamed to the controller. The possibilities for future application are astounding.

The Legend of Zelda HD

The last things added to the mix are tablets. Whether you have an iPad, Galaxy Tab, Playbook, Xoom, or any other tablet, these little babies are changing our entertainment habits. We can’t rule out smartphones either – as they’re becoming increasingly popular as the go-to devices for mobile gaming.

When you put these three things together, you can hypothesize, that the gaming industry will start to move to the cloud. Instead of using controllers, are we going to be using our phones or tablets to control our gaming experiences?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but the future looks interesting.

- Steve Murphy - CFO, Cyber Acoustics

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