HistoryPin: A new look at the old
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HistoryPin: A new look at the old

Thursday, July 14, 2011 by cyberacoustics

I've been finding myself lately reading a lot about the history of food carts, and figuring out their origins. Of course, any faithful reader of this blog knows how I feel about food carts, but seeing how things used to be is always interesting.

I love looking at old photographs, and thinking about the buildings, the people, and the way of life back then. Every time I travel to a new city, I always want to know more about its history. That’s where a new app called “HistoryPin” comes in. 

 uses Google Maps in a neat way—it lets you “pin” old photos by location, caption them, and even include your own story about the photos for others to read. It’s a creation of the UK nonprofit We Are What We Do, and has been in beta for about a year. You can search for video and audio content, as well as photos, and even search by time period. One of the coolest features is that you can look at an old photo overlaid onto Google StreetView and see what’s changed.

It gets better—HistoryPin wants your history through your pictures. HistoryPin is about bringing people together all over the world, from across families, communities and different generations, to see and share their history in a new way. It could be a great project for a group of friends, family, school classroom, or for just you. It even won the 2011 Webby Award for Best Charitable Organization/Not-for-Profit Website. Definitely worth checking out.

-Steve Murphy, CA CFO

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