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What people around the web are saying about Cyber Acoustics

Friday, August 27, 2010 by beau

Every once in a while, the Internet says some good things about us, and we always appreciate it. Below, are a few sites that showcase some of the good things people are saying about Cyber Acoustics' products. Hit the break for more.

Regarding our CA-2022, one commenter from says:

"These computer speakers are just what I wanted. First off, the installation was quick and easy, the speakers were shipped and packaged perfectly and the sound is superb for the price. Equipped with a manual off/on button on the right speaker, as well as a headphone outlet. Customer service was prompt, efficient and polite. That said, I strongly recommend this Product, even if you have limited knowledge of electronics, a Monkee could do it!!! Peace." recieved our CA-3602 for review, and he loved it:

"For the low price, these speakers absolutely surprised me. They have exceptionally great sound quality. The sub woofer is housed in an acoustically balanced wood cabinet, which provides the bass to have significant quality. The two speakers are very sleek looking; I really like the glossy black and silver design. The CA-3602's put out 62 watts of total system power. Cyber Acoustics also provides an MP3/iPod cradle, which I thought was a nice touch."

Over at CNET Reviews, one commenter had some nice words to say about our CA-3000

"I love these speakers. They have good sound for very little investiment. I paid $20 for them. If you don't want to spend a lot and still want pretty good sound, then get these."

Lastly, everyone knows about our award-winning iPad cover, but here's what had to say about it:

"Overall, the Cyber Acoustics Leather iPad case is a great way to protect the iPad. The unique restraint system keeps the device safe, while the versatile cover flap makes typing and watching video much more comfortable. Highly recommended."

We'd like to extend thanks to everyone who has said anything nice about our products. We appreciate every word and love that it spreads like wild fire.

Have a great weekend!

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