Amazon's Kindle Fire: What's It All About?
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Amazon's Kindle Fire: What's It All About?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 by cyberacoustics

You’ve probably heard by now about Amazon is jumping into the tablet market. Where other tablet makers have failed, Amazon hopes that they can take a bite out of Apple’s market share. With the possibility of a pre-holiday launch, lets see if the Kindle Fire has what you are looking for.

Let’s explore four critical features. First of all, it will have a seven-inch screen. Even though it’s constructed to be a competitor to the iPad, it will be closer to the Kindle in actual size. Next, it won’t be very expensive—as the HP TouchPad’s phoenix-like success has proven, many customers want a tablet but don’t want to have to pay iPad-prices. My best guess is that the Amazon Kindle Fire will retail at $199.

Third, it will make the Android OS all its own. It will feature the Amazon Appstore for Android, the Kindle e-reader app, the Amazon Cloud Player for music, and the Amazon Instant Video player for movies. Fourth, it will be extremely cloud-focused. The new tablet will have cloud storage capabilities that are equivalent to Amazon’s Cloud Drive service that launched this past spring. Cloud Drive lets users upload 5GB of data to the cloud at no cast, and it can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection.

And finally, it may be the first tablet to actually challenge the iPad. Unlike other tablet manufacturers, Amazon is not selling just a generic tablet. They are adding their own services to enhance the value. With their video on-demand service Amazon Instant Video, proprietary OS, Cloud Drive cloud storage service, and Kindle books, they just might have a shot. So could we have an iPad killer here? Let me know what you think in the comments.

-Steve Murphy, CA CFO

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