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Apple Cards – When You Don’t Care Enough

Monday, October 10, 2011 by cyberacoustics

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Post Office these days: cutting jobs, delivery on Saturdays is up in the air, and various horror stories about “what happened to my package.” Personally? I love the Post Office. I ship out hundreds of letters and packages a week, in the United States and abroad, with virtually no problems at all. But I’m not writing this to save the Post Office. Instead, I’d like to point out another thing that is bothering me.

Apple rolled out some details on its new “Cards” program last week during the “All About the iPhone” event. This app lets you take a photo with your iPhone or iPod Touch, and send it out as a folded letterpress card. You get to choose from 21 different designs, add your text, pick contacts from your address book, and you're good to go. Apple will ship the cards worldwide; domestic rates will be $2.99, while shipping internationally will set you back $4.99 (and that includes cards and postage).

I like the photo idea, but where is the personal touch? It’s like a getting one of those email greeting cards, just this time it’s through the mail. Point, click, tap tap tap, and press to send. Wow, that took a lot of effort. Doesn’t everybody enjoy getting a card in the mail? I think we can all agree that a card with thought, meaning and a personal handwritten note from the sender goes a long way. When you receive a personal card like this, you know that someone went out of his or her way to buy it, write you a note, address the envelope, and put in the mail. Heck, why would you use the Card app when you can do the same thing through a text message.

In a world of texting, IMs and emails, can we at least keep one form of personal communication alone? I mean, come on, doesn’t your mom, dad, or grandparents deserve something a little more than that? I’m just saying. Let me know what you think.

-Steve Murphy, CA CFO

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