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Cyber Acoustics Headsets | AC-100B

Mono Headset

w/ Dual Plugs

Slick, comfortable, and awesome quality, the AC-100B analog mono headset is a great choice for anyone doing Voice Over IP. Bring your ears to attention with the AC-100B's 30mm dynamic drivers. The adjustable, over the head design fits comfortably on any head size, and the flexible, noise-canceling boom mic's 180-degree rotation get the job done, no matter your preference. Comfort is no issue with the AC-100B's soft foam ear pad. Chat in style.

- DNCT4: Direct Noise-Canceling Microphone Technology
- 180 degree microphone
- Soft foam ear pad
- Adjustable boom arm
- Ambidextrous design (wear on right or left side)  

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