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Lapel Microphone

Classically designed, the ACM-1B lapel microphone is ideal for anyone using Voice Over iP or web video conferencing. The included lapel clip and monitor holster allow for varying placement that works best for you. The omni-directional mic picks up the slightest whisper from the loudest bang, and gets the job done with ease.

- Single 3.5mm analog plug
- Omni-directional microphone
- Lapel clip
- Monitor holster 
- PCvoiceLink technology

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Customer Reviews

Great value microphone
Kevin — 2/19/2015 3:13 PM

For the price you have to get one with your new hardware. This thing is exactly what it promises to be a microphone. It does that job very well and is a great value. Make sure you ask your retailer for one.

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