Cyber Acoustics

Cyber Acoustics Speakers | CA-3908

46W Powered Speaker System (RMS)
With Control Pod

The CA-3908 is the perfect speaker system for gamers and movie watchers. The burly subwoofer will blast you out of your seat, and the finely tuned satellite speakers keep everything even and crisp.

- Convenient desktop controls:

- Magnetically-shielded satellite speakers
- Removeable cloth grills on satellites


Customer Reviews

CyberAcoustics Rules
Wyatt — 5/27/2014 5:21 PM

This is the third set of cyber acoustics speakers I've owned, and you just can't get this quality of sound for this cheap anywhere else. Got it in 3 days for free shipping?! Too good to be true! Everything from the CA-3098 and up is a great buy.

larry — 2/19/2014 1:39 PM

This is an incredsible set of speakers! My firstet had a minor problem and I was IMMEDIATELY ship ped an UPGRADED set that were far superior to the lesser cost set I had purched. Technician Sheryl deservs kudos for knowledge, courtesy and pattience in helping me set them up to a TV. As for the speakers, the Bass is rich deep;MINDEXPANDING andsthe tweeters crisp and bright. I HIGHLY reccomend the speakers to anyone looing for high qualiity at lower Prices. Fantastic producxt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing Sound
Mike — 10/29/2013 8:30 AM

Unfortunately I never owned a Cyber Acoustics product to compare with, but these sound absolutely amazing. I was very surprised with how clear the satellites were and how much bass the sub put out. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an affordable, yet awesome, sound system

Great Quality, Fast Service
David — 8/1/2013 10:46 AM

I purchased these to upgrade from my older CA-3602 and am extremely satisfied by the quality of the sound at the price. I had no problems with the speakers for three months and boy do they bump. I did have an issue 2 weeks ago with the control knob producing static and lower volume on one the speakers. So I contacted CA about the issue and after a few emails of purchase verification they shipped out a replacement right away! 3 business days later I received the replacement control knob and enjoying the speakers to the Fullest. If your looking for a system with great sound that doesn't break the bank, The CA-3908 is the way to GO!

Srm — 9/13/2012 9:46 AM

Probably one of the greatest 2.1 set ups on the market for under $100 ( off amazon and such) Great bass very loud and clear n crisp sound. Highly recommend

Dennis Lucaci — 8/5/2012 11:50 AM

My first set of computer speakers were the CA-3602 model and I was blown away from their crystal clarity and the booming bass from the 5 1/4" subwoofer! Now, I've upgraded to these CA-3908s and boy was I in for a surprise! The highs were HIGHER, the lows were LOWER! Everything was considerably louder and much cleaner! (As if I thought the 3602's were clear enough!) My favorite part about the upgrade was the increase in the subwoofer (from 5 1/4" to 6 1/2"!!!)! That size difference totally made my music feel like it's being played the way it should be. I play Jazz, Rock, EDM (electronic dance music) video games and lots of other things through these speakers and I can't pinpoint one thing I don't like about them! For the price, it's a KILLER deal! These speakers do NOT disappoint! Thanks for reading! :)

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