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Mini Speaker

The CA-MP44 mini speaker is perfect for movie watchers and music listeners on the go. The portable design makes the CA-MP44 perfect for taking on trips. The 1.5 in. driver provides a solid boosted listening experience. Travel is made easier with the CA- MP44 minispeaker.

- Convenient on/off control
- LED power indicator
- Portable design
- Internal rechargeable battery
- Includes USB cable 


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Customer Reviews

Great Little Speaker
Trapper John — 11/10/2014 1:27 PM

My girlfriend was complaining about not being able to understand her training material because her laptop computer speakers were so weak. I told her I would pick up a pair for her a I was on the way to the office supply store. While there I looked over a large selection of computer speakers of various sizes. I had decided on medium sized pair that would do the job but were not a size that you would want to travel with. As I turned to head to the checkout counter I noticed this speaker on the shelf that caught my eye due to its compact size (and compact price). /since both me and my girlfriend travel on business I thought that if this speaker sounded decent it would be a perfect choice for her. Back home I hooked it up to her laptop and was amazed at the quality and volume of sound from such a small unit. I immediately went back to the store and purchased the remaining unit that they had for myself. For the price (I paid 14.97 including sales tax) and the size this is an amazing product.

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