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Cyber Acoustics Cases | IS-4000

Universal Tablet Stand

This sturdy stand has an elegant base with distinguished, no-slip tray areas to rest your pocket-dwelling accessories. The cut out area at the bottom of the stand gives you access to your tablet's charging port and the slit in the stand's arm and base provide easy cable management. All these features make this tablet station ideal for any desktop, kitchen or bedroom. Use your tablet in either portrait or landscape and feel secure with the weighted base and no-slip feet.

- Supporting stand for iPad and other tablets
- Adjustable height and viewing angle
- Easy cable management
- No-slip feet for superior stability
- No-slip accessory holders at the base of stand 


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Customer Reviews

Tablet Stand`
MagicA — 12/31/2014 5:22 AM

I love this stand. Only issue I have wtih it is it doesn't hold or grip the tablet in place so when I am adjusting it sometimes I accidently knocked the tablet out of it. Whoops! Anyway it does the job it's suppose to do.

American Gigolo — 1/11/2014 1:13 AM

It allows a five star movement!

Beau Jest — 5/1/2012 1:50 AM

A nice product. Simple, well-made, good-looking, flexible and the adjusting arm appears to be able to last a while.

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