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itechen 1/2/2015


i would agree these are not super robust but every pair i have bought is decent quality. they do not break done after a short time as you suggest. i have gone through about 4 pairs of this same exact model over the course of about 7 years of solid gaming, and yea while they do break down over time, it is more like a 6-12 months before they really begin to break down. Yet i stick with this brand because for the price you just cannot beat the value. Not to mention the sick low minimal profile and great sound from both the microphone and the ear pieces. the leatherette may not be durable but if you take care of your things like i do it is not an issue and actually is my preference as this material really helps to creat a nice seal between your ear and the ear piece trapping in all the sound while keeping background noise out.

Milorad Zivkovic 9/20/2012


The headset is basically good, but the microphone and leatherette ear pads are very fragile. We have been using a 1000 of them in the higer education language learning environment and microphones stoped functioning after a short time. We've found out that they break easily when rotated back and forth. Also, the leatherette ear pads fall from the place due to weak bonds. Please fix that by making the microphone more sturdy and resistent to rotation. Also, make the earpad attachment sturdier not ot break easily. If needed, we can easily document adn send pictures of breaking points. Thanks in advance. NorQuest College


Stereo Headset

Slick, comfortable, and awesome quality, the AC-202B analog stereo headset is a great choice for anyone doing VOiP and gaming. Bring your ears to attention with the AC-202B’s 30mm dynamic drivers. The adjustable, over the head design fits comfortably on any head size, and the flexible, noise-cancelling boom mic’s 180-degree rotation gets the job done, no matter your preference. Comfort is no issue with the AC-202B’s soft, leatherette ear pads. Listen in style.

- Voice recognition certified
- DNCT4: Direct Noise Canceling Microphone Technology
- 180 degree microphone
- Leatherette ear pads
- Adjustable boom arm
- Ambidextrous design (wear on right or left side) 


Frequency: Headset: 20-20,000 Hz / Microphone: 100-16,000 Hz
Input: 3.5 mm plugs
Headband: Over the head and adjustable
Microphone: Unidirectional: 62dBV/Microbar and 42dBV/Pascal
Drivers: 30 mm dynamic drivers
Cable Length: 7 ft.

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