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Lumenotti 10/14/2011


I expected to be sorely disappointed when I parted with my money at CompUSA to purchase this mic. It has been one of the rare times that a product over delivered in quality. It has excellent Audio Gain and Clarity Performance. It's a 5X5 from me.

Matt 9/23/2011


Honestly this product is the cheapest one and I would recommend everyone to use it is good in every aspect. I would rate 4/5 .

Mac User 5/4/2014

Don't buy if you have a Mac

I tried using this with my mac and didn't work at all.


Lapel Microphone

Classically designed, the CVL-1124 lapel microphone is ideal for anyone using Voice Over iP or web video conferencing. The included lapel clip and monitor holster allow for varying placement that works best for you. The omni-directional mic picks up the slightest whisper from the loudest bang, and gets the job done with ease.

- This mic is for Windows ONLY
- PCvoiceLink technology
- Omni-directional microphone
- Lapel clip
- Monitro holster 



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Cable Length: 7 ft.

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