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BobNaz 11/5/2014

Awesome 2.1 Speaker set with incredable sound

Last week, I bought this in the CA outlet after reviewing various models( LogitechZ213, Z506,Creative lab T6300 and others). The hook up was very easy. I paired CA3614 2.1 speakers with a Creative Lab Sound Blaster 3D Recon ( in my PC) to validate the frequency responses of the speakers. It was a great surprise.!!!. The units performed exceptionally well in all audio frequency spectrum range and volume settings with very low distortion. The sound fidelity and quality were exceptional indeed..( in par with my High end Dolby and THX Home theater system). Classical, Pop,Jazz, Voice, Flat and other music types were very pleasing even at full volume and 26 W power with minimal distortion. Tone quality was excellent..Also,I deliberately experimented various amplification settings and spectrum in the audio frequency range with SB #D/software. . The speakers responded very nicely.. As a comparison, I also tried a creative labs Inspire T6300 5.1 system ( to match with their SB 3D Recon Card), hoping I should get a much better surround music experience. Alas !, To my dismay, T6300 perfomanace was very pathetic ( the rear speakers were simply sad . CA 2.1 stereo sounded a lot better than T6300 surround 5.1 speakers. The performance of Logitech Z 213 2.1 speakers was satisfactory but of much low power. .The reviews of Z506 and Z906 in the public domain are so so.and hence I did not attempt to compare. My guess is, the CA speaker design for the low / medium power niche, for the mobile and PC, smartphone segment, seem to fit, match and perform well. Exploiting the speaker technology and construction further ,to a 5.1 surround system will be a logical market extension to customers who are looking for quality products at affordable price for THX, Dolby surround speaker system for mobile and PC products. My recommendation to Cyber Acoustics is to come up with a series of 5.1 surround speaker system and matching portable sound cards for music and Gaming needs, that match with PC, Laptop and mobile devices.. There is no decent products available in this space as for as I know.. The few currently available products lack decent performance and not worth spending even a few dollars on them.( I tried, they did not perform and I returned them). CA could expand the market with their existing product Design/process technology. If rating have more than 5 stars , I would have given it. BobNaz

RB 9/15/2014

Excellent Buy

Cyber Acoustics may call this a dented box sale but I couldn't find a single dent and the speakers were in perfect condition. As far as the speakers are concerned they are excellent. You don't have to spend more to get great sound.


26W Powered Speaker System (RMS)
Dented box

Bombastic and in your face, the CA-3614 is a 2.1 speaker system that brings your ears to submission with its thunderous bass performance. Housed in an acoustically balanced wood cabinet, the CA-3614’s subwoofer instills a solid, deep audible experience no matter what you’re listening to. The separate control pod turns the speakers on and off, while sporting an LED power indicator. The pod also allows volume levels for the satellites and bass control for the subwoofer to be adjusted with the swipe of a finger. The pod houses a convenient headphone jack and auxiliary input for easy access.

- Convenient desktop controls:

  • On/off switch
  • Master volume
  • Headphone output jack
  • Bass volume control
  • Auxiliary input

- Magnetically-shielded satellite speakers


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