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Custom logos now available

Looking to acquire iPad cases with your company, school, or organization's logo? We work directly with you to size and place your logo just the way you want it.

Available for the iPad and iPad Mini cases.
Choose from our genuine black or red leather iPad covers.

• Order minimum: 48 
• One color silk screen on orders 48 - 500 (3-week turnaround)
• Up to 4 color silk screening available on orders of 600+ (8-10 week turnaround)
• Logo embossing available

Please submit artwork in true vector form (not attached or linked JPG, TIF, or PNG files). Pantone colors should be specified. All text and strokes should be converted to outlines. Send as Illustrator, EPS, or SVG file formats.

Call or email for information:
+1 360-823-4142 

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Product Testimonials


We have been using IC-1003BK for little bit over a year now. We have over 500 iPads and every single one has a IC-1003BK case on it. Below are pictures of a damaged case. This Case and the Student’s iPad it was protecting survived a flight off of a car roof while it was in motion at about 50mph. on a busy local highway. It was left overnight on the road. (there are many log trucks that travel this road). A passer by found the iPad and called its owner and was retuned later. The iPad was not damaged, the case was not damaged other than what is pictured (I also thought there was a little luck involved that it was not run over). I have often bragged about your cases to other techs and Tech Directors. I have on more than one occasion “launched" my iPad across the room like a Frisbee with great amusement at the looks and comments I get, and then I say "Just open the case.” Thank you for providing schools with quality products at an affordable price point. CA has earned our business and we look forward to a continued relationship with CA, as well as seeing what improvements are upcoming for iPad cases.
-Derrick B.

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EDUCATION ID = 2. Current ID = 1