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Emira 3/6/2013


SG System is great.. I travel a lot to South America and other countries and the IC-1003BK IPad Cover for IPAD 2 is really great. Really protects the IPad 2 from all kinds of bumps and harsh abuse from the security checks at the airports. Its wonderful to see this kind of quality at a reasonable price. Thank You,

dcime 7/8/2012


Really surprised! Great product, soft napa leather, well made and great protection for you're expensive investment...looks professional, and auto wake feature works perfectly. This company really produced a very nice looking, well made product. Nicely padded leather offering ultimate protection for 3rd Gen. IPad. Highly recommend!

Kimo 4/4/2012


A near perfect case. And two cheap and easy user mods can make it THE perfect case. First, to keep the folded-back cover from slipping out of the retaining tab while in typing mode, simply stick SMALL opposing strips of Velcro within the tab AND on the respective inside surface of the cover where it tucks in. No more slipping out. Second, if you use a stylus, stick an adhesive-backed stylus loop on the opposite inside surface of the cover (under the longer outside edge of the iPad) -- search online retailer and auction sites for the very inexpensive but effective Kikkerland Leuchtturm 1917 Pen Loop. Cheers!


Black Leather iPad Cover Case

Enhance the protection and increase the functionality of the iPad with this leather cover. With our clean, minimalistic design, you get all the protection you need, without losing access to any buttons, jacks, or the light sensor. Serves as a low angle prop for great comfort in typing mode, or as an upright stand to sit back and watch movies and video clips. The camera cut out is perfect for taking photos and recording video. All iPad covers include the Smart Magnet sleep/wake functionality.

- Compatible with the iPad 2, iPad (3rd gen), and iPad (4th gen)
- Soft leather design
- SG Bumper™ Technology protects your iPad
- Non-scratch interior
- Portfolio style for 360-degree protection
- Foldable front cover for easy typing and video viewing
- Easy carry hand strap for maximum comfort
- Interior pocket flap
- Smart magnet sleep/wake functionality
- Total access to all buttons and jacks
- Opening in cover for camera functionality
- MIL-STD-810G Drop Test Certified

Compatible with the 4th gen Apple iPads Compatible with the 3rd gen Apple iPads Compatible with the 2nd gen Apple iPads



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We have been using IC-1003BK for little bit over a year now. We have over 500 iPads and every single one has a IC-1003BK case on it. Below are pictures of a damaged case. This Case and the Student’s iPad it was protecting survived a flight off of a car roof while it was in motion at about 50mph. on a busy local highway. It was left overnight on the road. (there are many log trucks that travel this road). A passer by found the iPad and called its owner and was retuned later. The iPad was not damaged, the case was not damaged other than what is pictured (I also thought there was a little luck involved that it was not run over). I have often bragged about your cases to other techs and Tech Directors. I have on more than one occasion “launched" my iPad across the room like a Frisbee with great amusement at the looks and comments I get, and then I say "Just open the case.” Thank you for providing schools with quality products at an affordable price point. CA has earned our business and we look forward to a continued relationship with CA, as well as seeing what improvements are upcoming for iPad cases.
-Derrick B.

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