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Number one selling brand.


Cyber Acoustics’ computer speakers are the number one selling brand in the U.S., and with good reason—their quality and design are outstanding. And best of all, they’re priced affordably. We believe that you don’t have to pay a lot to get a lot. 

No matter which model you choose, you can be assured that you’ll have purchased some of the most high-quality speakers and audio systems for the money—bar none. They’ve got powerful wattage, complete compatibility, and many even come with a control pod that keeps your desk clean, and keeps you in control. So what are you waiting for? Experience the CA difference today.

Building for the Education Channel Since 1996 

Cyber Acoustics has been engineering proven speaker solutions for education, enterprise, and consumer needs for more than 20 years, while our audio roots in the computer audio and speaker industry date back more than 30. Perfect for classrooms, conference rooms, desktops, cubicles, and personal spaces, our speakers can be found throughout thousands of North American classrooms, some of them having been in service for nearly 2 decades.

Cyber Acoustics computer speakers and classroom audio systems are perfect for language learning, speech pathology, bilingual programs, listening centers, and early reading programs, as well as for use in small auditoriums, AV / media production rooms, and any large or small classrooms. Our speakers are built for simple and reliable use in learning assessments, Common Core testing, Title 1 programs, and other testing environments.

Our speaker systems are available in two primary speaker formats; 2.0 (two) speaker systems, and powerful 2.1 (two + subwoofer) speaker systems. We have SKUs tailored for any need - from systems well suited for voice, to strong room-filling high fidelity sound systems. Our speakers are designed to work with the PC, Mac, Chromebook, Microsoft Surface, and other ultrabook computers. They also work with the iPad and other learning tablets used in computer labs. Beyond strict education technology purposes, they work for CD, DVD, AV systems, and even the old-school boombox. We make powered speakers that utilize USB, 3.5mm audio cables, and bluetooth connectivity.

Built to withstand everyday classroom abuse, the cords, power supplies, speaker components, and cabinets can take the real world abuse found in most any school, including daily dropping of backpacks on cords, constant shuffling of desktop gear, and being moved from one room to the next. We stand behind our products, and our history of service and commitment to the School Districts and IT departments make funding and investment an easy choice for purchasing departments.

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